In 2015, the Enlight Collaborative team launched an initiative called Crew 2030. Our goal: to serve organizations empowering college students as changemakers with an online engagement platform and a collaborative community. Dedicated to cracking the collaboration code, Crew 2030 theorized that generative collaborations occur when essential and shared organizational needs are being met. In the case of Crew 2030, the shared need is for an online platform that allows organizations to manage and mobilize their communities of volunteers.

Two years later, the Crew 2030 initiative has matured into a vibrant, growing community called The Crew Youth Collaborative. With shared programs, principles, values, and a platform, the Crew Youth Collaborative is amplifying the engagement of 13,000 youth in over 600 communities across 45 countries.

The Crew Youth Collaborative is an example of what’s possible when shared needs are being met and when relationship building is prioritized in the process.

Want to Join the Crew Youth Collaborative? Learn more about the value, structure, and essentials of membership. If you think you’re a fit, please fill out the application to be considered.


In addition to being a part of a community of organizations with a shared mission of empowering youth as changemakers, the Crew Youth Collaborative provides the following to its members:

  • Gatherings to share, amplify and accelerate our collective learning.
  • Funding for shared projects and initiatives.
  • An online platform that evolves based on shared needs.


Each member of the Crew Youth Collaborative invests in the thriving of the collective—either financially or through in-kind contributions that help alleviate a shared constraint, such as fundraising, growth or capacity building.


All members of the Crew Youth Collaborative commit to:

  • Mobilizing college age youth to take action for a thriving world in their communities and on the Crew Platform.
  • Equipping youth to ask big questions about the WHY and HOW of systemic change.
  • Sharing resources, connections, learnings, opportunities, and successes in service to the whole.


  • You mobilize people under the age 25 to take action for a better world.
  • You invite your members to take meaningful action toward the organization’s objectives on a weekly, if not daily, basis.
  • You believe it’s important for members to deeply connect with WHY they’re doing what they do—and be motivated to learn HOW to do it better.
  • You desire members to be connected to, and share resources and best practices with their peers.
  • You’re open to collaborating with other youth-focused organizations to achieve greater efficiencies and a larger impact.
  • You’re ready and able to leverage online technology to facilitate all of the above.


The Crew Youth Collaborative wants to collaborate with other organizations in the space. Fill out this application to be considered for membership. You will be contacted in two weeks for an interview to learn more about your program. If you would like a Crew Platform demo before applying, just contact us and we'd be happy to set a time. 


To learn more about the history of The Crew Youth Collaborative, download this intro.