"The Crew Youth Collaborative grant has helped us break down daunting tasks like building a social movement into discrete, actionable tasks. Further, they have helped us think smarter about community management...we are engaging more students and spending our time and resources wisely."  

~ Campus Kitchens Project


The world’s youth will soon inherit both local and global challenges of unprecedented scale and complexity. The skills they'll need to meet these challenges stretch beyond the domain of traditional academics to include high social-emotional intelligence coupled with the leadership and social entrepreneurial skills of a changemaker. Enlight supports organizations that help the youth develop these skills both inside and outside the classroom, and at all stages of youth development—from early childhood through young adulthood.

The Enlight Youth Collaborative is an active community of youth movements who:

  • Share a belief in youth as key agents of change in the world.
  • Use the Crew Platform to mobilize and sustain the engagement of their communities of youth.
  • Are committed to best practice, tools and curriculum sharing.
  • And partner in collaborative projects to amplify their reach and impact.


our offering:


The Crew Platform has been successfully deepening and sustaining the participation of young volunteers from over a dozen programs for the past 7 years. It's an effective tool for program managers to support and collaborate with chapters and individual youth participants, as well as an easy-to-use tool for youth to engage with their program, inspire one another to do and be more, and to find opportunities to grow their social impact projects.




The grant includes a 1-1 workshop designed to customize the platform to each organization's program needs, optimize their youth engagement methodology, and train their program managers to take the lead on their own platforms. 

Ongoing consulting support will be provided to ensure the successful adoption of the platform by youth members.

Through the year we engage and learn from each other and continue to improve the Crew online platform to best serve all of our member programs' needs.



Building community is a founding value of this grant. All collaborative members are invited to attend an annual in-person gathering designed to share best practices, ideate collaboration projects and be a part of the evolution of the youth development field at-large. Travel and accommodations are included. 

Funding for selected collaboration projects and shared initiatives will be available for collaborative member organizations

Ongoing monthly group best-practice sharing calls and 1-1 connections between programs will also be facilitated.




  • You mobilize people under the age 25 to take action for a better world.
  • You invite your members to take meaningful action toward the organization’s objectives on a weekly, if not daily, basis.
  • You believe it’s important for members to deeply connect with WHY they’re doing what they do—and be motivated to learn HOW to do it better.
  • You desire members to be connected to, and share resources and best practices with their peers.
  • You’re open to collaborating with other youth-focused organizations to achieve greater efficiencies and a larger impact.
  • You’re ready and able to leverage online technology to facilitate all of the above.



Organizations are accepted into the Crew 2030 program on a rolling basis. If you're not quite ready to apply and would like to schedule an introductory call (which includes a Crew platform demo), send us a message