Enlight offers innovative funding strategies that promote community, nurture collaboration and build resilience among an ‘ecosystem’ of vibrant organizations working to strengthen civil society and build global community through academic and social innovation.

Enlight focuses its philanthropic efforts in three main areas:

Youth Empowerment:
The Enlight Collaborative

The world’s youth will soon inherit both local and global challenges of unprecedented scale and complexity. The skills they'll need to meet these challenges stretch beyond the domain of traditional academics to include high social-emotional intelligence coupled with the leadership and social entrepreneurial skills of a changemaker. Enlight supports organizations that help the youth develop these skills both inside and outside the classroom, and at all stages of youth development—from early childhood through young adulthood.


Educational Access:
The Enlight Fellowship

Youth from developing countries—especially women—frequently have diminished access to high quality educational opportunities. Enlight is helping address this problem by providing educational scholarships through leading academic institutions, and by supporting innovative educational programs focused on these underserved populations. 


Educational policy research and advocacy:
Enlight Hubs

To move beyond small scale implementation, effective innovations in education must be supported at the policy level. The Enlight Hub supports collaborations between education, health and policy experts to produce and disseminate the sound research required to receive this support.

In the near future, the Enlight Hub concept will expand its scope by supporting the emergence of regional social innovation centers in Boston, MA; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; Boulder, Colorado; and Boca Raton, FL.

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